The Magic and Fullness of the Horses – Gratitude

The Magic & Fullness of the Horses – Gratitude

When gratitude becomes a way of being, gratitude is the most favourable environment for manifestation. And it helps you activate a power greater than you might realize.

It is a powerful force to create whatever you want to be in your life from positive emotions… to perfect health… to loving relationship… to luxury goods.

When you are failing to manifest your desires, it is generally because there’s little genuine belief behind them. Instead there’s a natural tendency to focus on the lack of the thing you want, and this condition of lack is the opposite of gratitude.

When you live with gratitude in your heart, you constantly affirm all that is right and desirable with your life. Focus on what you have, and you’ll get more of what you want.

Listening to Gratitude prompts you to greater belief that you already have or already are that which you seek. Creation becomes stronger, more impactful, and more enduring.

As I practice on cultivating gratitude which is an energy of the fire element and lives primarily within the heart through my Qi Gong practices, this is helping me experience more strength and my heart becomes more full of jOy and lOve. It is a magic potion of life.

Through being with horses we are offered clues to answer the questions that we frequently ask ourselves:

                                    Who am I and what’s life all about?

We are helped by rekindling a memory of who we are, and in doing so we are reminded to show gratitude to them for who they are.  The horse doesn’t actually “do” anything to us in a physical sense, but somehow has an amazing ability to help us get in touch with our self-guiding creation through which a retreat to inner harmony can take place. 

Listening to the horses they will point the way to:

  • Helping you radiate loving-kindness toward yourself and others in new and surprising ways.
  • Align you with your high-power emotions—happiness, joy, peace, contentment, and thankfulness—and turbocharge your intentions.
  • Help you to use your breath to balance your body, mind, and emotions.
  • Guide you to fully open your heart to the gift of forgiveness for self-healing—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Make gratitude a normal response to everything in your life.
  • Help you appreciate how the simple things can be a source of strength and vitality.
  • Connect wholeheartedly with everyone you encounter.

I had the privilege of working with this amazing powerful, courageous, brave lady on a 2 day retreat here at Epona Retreat Centre.  As she connected with the horses in the field they intuitively connected her to her angels and spirit guides by white feathers appearing in the field. My client relaxed to the stillness of Mother Nature, the heartbeat of the horses and the rhythm of the music playing in the background.  The embodiment of the healing was incredible.

On day 2 we waited patiently in the top paddock for the horses to come up. As we waited, we watched the horses gallop around in circles in the bottom field, they were creating so much energy it was so amazing. Ruby arrived up first panting and breathing heavily, then little Isabel and then beautiful Lizzie.

The horses showed my client how life was given to us as a gift – to enjoy and appreciate, to love and to live.

The horses were releasing and letting go as my client spoke of her repressed grief & intense pain. As she stood by their side they licked and chewed affirming her inner pain and they helped her focus on bringing her emotions into balance.

Letting go of people you love and allowing them to walk their own path and live the life they were intended to live, you will give yourself permission to find your own way back.

As my client stood in the field the horses opened her intuition to love, support, and exploration & facilitated her to follow her natural curiosity.  They supported her to recognise how to protect herself while doing this. They guided her to recognise how to build defences and protective barriers that discourage negativity. They guided her to have close ties to Mother Earth and to love planting and gardening (creating). They supported her to land on her own 2 feet and go through challenges in a calm, cool, practical way.

I asked my client to write a short gratitude list, this is an incredible way to become more present within your own life.

2 affirmations to help her start changing her mindset. 

“My thoughts lead me to a direction of healing, prosperity & fulfilled experiences”

“I create wonderful beliefs for myself”


My Gratitude to all my community for creating a harmonious and tranquil place here at Epona Retreat Centre.   It is so beautiful to see my community getting in touch with their self-guiding creation with the help of the horses & I through which a retreat to inner harmony can take place. 

Sending you love & light.

Noreen x

Would you like to practice self-trust: believe in your intuition: and your creative power so that you can become a facilitator for incredible change?  It’s the perfect time to work with the horses & I, we will support you on your journey and raise the collective consciousness to your vibration to one of jOy, acceptance and pure lOve. Book yourself a Free Consultation call below and I will create something beautiful for you.