Equine Reiki Therapy on Horses

Performing Reiki Healing on Ruby

Reiki for horses is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive hands-on holistic therapy that is performed without pressure, manipulation or administration of medication. Reiki brings about noticeable change in horses and allows them to relax and settle.

It involves placing my hands on or near the horse at specific points, allowing the horse to heal from within, irrespective of the symptoms.

Reiki balances the energy flow throughout the body, stimulating the horse’s natural healing process. During the healing process, endorphins (natural pain reliever and feel good factor apparently equivalent to the effects of opium and morphine) are released into their system, enabling the horse to feel relaxed and calm. The healing has no harmful side effects, and will only work for the receivers greater good.

Because Reiki is healing energy, it will never harm you or your horse. If your horse has emotional problems such as past abuse, neglect, or an accident, Reiki can help to release and heal those emotions. It can also be used for behavioural issues such as nervousness as Reiki can reduce stress and anxiety.

If your horse is sick or injured, Reiki works as a fantastic complement to veterinary treatment and can help heal the horse more quickly.

Reiki is fantastic for increasing energy and wellbeing in people and horses alike.

We will be teaching the horse and owner relaxation techniques to strengthen the immune system and to activate self-healing