Courage to be Me – 6 Month Equine Therapy Programme

This programme is specifically designed to support and encourage you to be YOU. 

Courage to be Me Equine Therapy programme offers you both an authentic and powerful opportunity to delve into your heart and soul as you move closer to your true essence.  I incorporate the horses as an active partner in your coaching and healing process.  Together, we will explore how your patterns from your past continue to impact you in the present.

You will gain the insight and clarity needed to gently release these patterns so you may walk your path with grace and courage.

How can the Horses Help You?

Horses have a natural ability to tune into a person’s energy.  When you are in the presence of a horse, they will help heal past pains and support you in your journey as you shed what is no longer useful in your life. They offer us what we need in the moment: healing, insight, connection and an increased sense of wholeness.

“Courage to be Me” Coaching Programme you will learn to:

  1. Decide what is best for you regardless of what others think – learning  Core Values and how to communicate them appropriately.

  2. Identify Limiting beliefs and how they have influenced your life – learn to manifest & empower healthy habits to create more confidence in your life.

  3. Be in stillness with yourself, horses and nature and take time to tune into own rhythm – Meditating and Journaling with the horses and nature

  4. Identify barriers in your life and release what is no longer productive for your spiritual growth 

  5. Exploring Old Self & Change – what kind of person are you really like inside – getting back your strength & power.

  6. Create a sacred approach to life by tuning into your authentic self – stepping into the flow of creativity.

  7. Identify what is truly important “What is your life” is it an expression of joy or struggle – using this new awareness we will be focusing on the now and how you can contribute joy to the world.

  8. Learn to invite your Spirit Animal Guides into your life – discovering your animal spirit guides qualities and characteristics.

What are People Saying about my Coaching Programme:

It has been extraordinary and transformational working with Noreen, I am grateful every day to her.  I feel more empowered/confident as result of this programme.  My life flows now with greater joy, peace, harmony, success, love as a result. Noreen’s support, teachings, encouragement & love was very important to me on my journey. Noreen & the horses helped me believe in myself, develop my gifts and understand myself more.

Describe your experience of the programme in 3 words:

Liberating, Amazing, So Specifically Unique. Ella Aqua An Chuimhne Shiorai

Details on my Coaching Programme:

  • 6 month Coaching Programme

  • Each month you will receive emails/ meditations/ worksheets/exercises specifically designed for you. 

  • Check-in emails.

  • Zoom Calls x 13 where you will be interacting with me every 2 weeks over the 6 months.

  • 1 x 2 hour Horse Reading & Energy Healing or Distant Healing Coaching Session (with me and my 3 Horses) 

  • The investment in yourself is €800 (can be paid in 6 installments over the 6 months.