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How can we find a way to honor these natural cycles of life in spiritual practice?

First, we must respect the changing cycles that life brings us and accept the inner tasks they bring.  In this way our spiritual growth can develop naturally along with them.  Our society has lost touch with these rhythms, and in many ways we are thought to ignore them. 
Young children are force-fed discipline and early academic training instead of being free to play and learn in healthy ways.
When we respect the natural cycles in life, we find that each of life’s stages has a spiritual dimension.  Each stage contributes wisdom and experience that we will draw upon in our spiritual growth. 
Firstly, in our mother’s womb, the emotional depth. 
  • As an infant we experience the freshness of seeing, feeling and touching and the world for the first time.  The playfullness, joy, curiosity of our childhood can become foundation for the delighted discovery of our first spiritual experience. 
  • The independence and rebelliousness of our adolescence offer us yet another quality essential in our practice.  Finding out our own truth. 
  • As we move into young adult we develop a compassion concern for others besides ourselves. 
  • As adults we become more caring and responsible for our family, our community, our world.  We have a strong desire to fulfill our own unique expression of life. 
  • As we mature, having seen many cycles of birth and death, there is a detachment and wisdom that grows within us.
Each stage of our life holds the seeds for our spiritual growth. 
Our spiritual life matures when we consciously accept life’s tasks appropriate to us.  When we are faced with unexpected cycles, difficult cycles, by bringing them respect each of these cycles have a spiritual lesson in them.  It may be a lesson of staying centered through great confusion; develop a forgiving heart with someone who caused you pain; It may be a lesson of acceptance or a lesson of courage; finding the strength of heart to stand our ground and live from our deepest values. 
On our journey of spiritual growth we will be greatly influenced to following a teacher for support and later find ourselves the teacher. 
At the beginning we may focus on detachment and solitude while at a later stage we extend our loving kindness through service to others.  As we become aware we will bring love, wisdom and forgiveness that has been needed all along. 
How can Equine Therapy help you on our Spiritual Journey?
Horses respond to our desire for change, we need to become aware of what we are thinking otherwise the relationship that we are trying to build up can go haywire.  It is wonderful that the role of horses is increasingly recognised as helping a wide variety of people to understand themselves and each other. 
They are the Master Guides and help people experience self-development through interaction.  Horses teach people about energy and helping them to choose and generate energy in all aspects of their life. 
They encourage growth and learning through the “eye of the horse” and offers a supportive experiential learning environment in which the horse becomes the guide for human development, growth and learning. 
Being in harmony with the horses revives the spirit, releases pent-up emotions and guides you towards the right action in balance with the greater good. 
They will support you in Self respect which will give you trust in yourself and your abilities. 
“If we seek a perfect horse, we first need to be perfect Humans”

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Letting go of the Control in our Lives


As you get older are you getting tired of reacting to the same dramas & chaos going on all around you?

Are you thoughts feelings cluttered and nothing is moving forward in your life – overwhelmed and taking on the world?

Do you feel used and abused & people are violating your boundaries?

Are you feeling afraid of losing/failing and putting a defensive guard up all the time to protect yourself?

Every single day we lose ourselves in the many roles we play, in the many things we do, and in the many labels we identify ourselves with. And by trying to cling to everything and everyone, and by seeking to take our value and sense of worth from outside ourselves, we slowly but surely drift away from our inner self.

Life was given to us as a gift – to enjoy and appreciate, to love and to live. And by finding our way back to ourselves, back to who life created us to be, we will be able to enjoy, appreciate and live our lives to the fullest.

Finding the strength, courage and confidence to let go of all those things that keep us from finding ourselves and from living our life in alignment with our life’s purpose, and see how much better we will feel.

Cleanse yourself. Release and let go of all our limitations, all the bad programming and all the negative past conditioning that has been keeping us from experiencing who we truly are, and start living life from a place of love, truth, authenticity and inner power.

Let go of the control and start over.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need.” ~ Lao Tzu

My 3 horses are helping me so much lately in letting go of the control in my life.  This is based on a conditioned fear born out of many experiences where I witnessed control.  Ruby was mirroring me last week as she wouldn’t allow me near her, and she kept resisting and moving away from me.  Looking at it now I know she was mirroring my own behaviour, I resist being told what to do because I always felt it controlled me.  Look how wrecked Ruby’s energy is before us. 

By me accepting and letting go of this habitual behaviour Ruby allowed me to brush her – she took me on a journey of releasing the resistance of control.  While trying to release the knots on her mane she would only allow me so much time and then she would guide me to parts of her body that I needed healing.  She guided me to the mane again to release another knot, this went on for over an hour.  I felt into the resistance of being controlled by Ruby and I allowed the challenge to run smoothly. I became aware of my attitude, thoughts and beliefs around this emotion and I began to let it go with peace and harmony.  See the difference in Ruby after letting go the resistance to Control.  

I felt really good when I was finished, the horses moved away from me and Isabel released by doing a big pee and Ruby did a big poo. They continued their daily lives without Judgement.  

“Horses are prey animals they respond to energy that is unfolding around them. They read it for survival and they respond to it.

At Epona Retreat Centre I have created a tranquil space for woman facilitated by my 3 horses so that they can identify who they truly are and help them create & open their awareness to who they really want to be. Release & identify what is holding them back & accept and acknowledge what is;

Letting go of the resistance to control, undesired expectations & explore their emotions thoughts & feelings to receive lOve, jOy & gratitude;

Allowing space to be who they are & grow within themselves and take responsibility for their own life;

I  would love you to join me for my UPCOMING RETREATS 13TH & 14TH July & 10th & 11th August 2019 “Courage to be Me” “When you allow the horses into your heart and emotions, they will give you directions to enable you to enhance your life. Book your place NOW to avoid disappointment (I cater for small groups)




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So What is your Life? Is it an expression…

What if it were possible to get accurate answers to your most challenging questions, so you can be free of struggle and focus once and for all?”

Do you struggle to stay focused? Feel out of balance or disconnected from your life?

Being super busy stops you from connecting deeply with yourself, with your life and with the universe. This way of being takes you out of your natural flow. When you are out of sync with yourself and the universe you lock that natural connection which leads you to blocking abundance, lOve & jOy in your life.

So what is your life? Is it an expression of joyful activity or a struggle to get somewhere?

The answer to this question determines not just your enjoyment of your life, but also your contribution to the world while you are living. Take note of what happens for you when you work with this present moment focus.

What if it were possible to get accurate answers to your most challenging questions, so you can be free of struggle and focus once and for all?”

There are those who rise above these struggles & anxiety and awaken to their true power, and take control of their own destiny.

Welcome to my world.

When I work with my clients at the beginning of a healing session I take them to the NOW moment through meditation, energy healing & connecting to Mother Nature. This is sometimes very difficult & challenging for my clients because for the first time they notice the noises, smells, struggles & anxiety that are going on around them and in them.

Noticing these emotions means they are taking a step closer to surrendering & releasing and entering a meditative state. The heart rate & the blood pressure goes up & then down so we can enter into a calm & peaceful state of mind.

This is where I take my client into the field with my 3 horses. The horses & I mirror my client’s behaviour. To help my client stay focused they have to become more:

💗Careful and attentive to the horses & my behaviour.
💗Trusting themselves
💗Clear in their messages
💗Staying with the plan (90 mins) – focusing on their goals & intentions.

Equine Therapy CorkWhen we are out in the field my horses communicate intuitively with me to ask questions or tell a story to help my client speak about their own experiences. The horses do this by stomping on the ground with their legs, swishing their tail, standing in a direction or shaking their head. The biggest shift is the rumbling of the horse’s stomach, we are all relaxed and my client has accepted us to help them.

As we begin our healing session the horses are very attentive to my clients body language (standing position, hand & leg movement) & inner feelings & emotions (heart rate, blood pressure rising & falling, gut & brain) and when my client is thinking about an emotion or feeling, the horses will let me know by licking & chewing this is where I send healing energy to that source to help them release the emotion that they are struggling to focus with in their lives with lOve & ease. As we work together the horses will yawn as a way of helping my client open up to their inner self and surrender and release any anxiety & negativity going on in the body that has been buried for a long time.

To show them this emotional release has taken place I get them to do an exercise with the horses. I ask them to walk out into the middle of the field and allow the horses to come to them. My client is in a calm & peaceful state their body language is relaxed and most importantly they are focused on what they are doing. They trust themselves and everyone in the field. The horses approach them calmly and they bond together – my client brushes the horses. We use this approach a few times out in the field to help my client to focus on the task and the NOW.

This energy healing work helps my clients to focus their mind more confidently in their schoolwork, workplace, healing practices & horseriding & other sports etc.

It is a very powerful exercise to help my clients to focus on the positive rather than the negative. Life changing. 

The horses teaches us the path of the heart is the door to our inner self & this will bring us abundance, lOve & jOy in our lives.

“The heart knows what the mind struggles to believe”. 

Sending you all lots of love & light.

Noreen x

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1-2-1 Energy Healing with Noreen & the horses supports you in knowing who you truly are and we listen, balance without any judgement and helps you shine from within.  We encourage the flow of natural thoughts. Book your appointment here


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Play with your Horse and Work on Yourself

Play with your Horse and Work with Yourself

Drumming with the Horses

Thinking your way into a horses world isn’t going to work, Project lOve, it is a 2 way journey. The influence of personality traits in human/horse partnerships has been noted for many years.

Research has shown how people affect the way that horses present themselves. Horses are often labelled difficult spoilt when all that they are doing may be responding to the humans around them. Horse’s behaviour would match that of a person, and during the research it was noted that horses could change with new carers and attitudes.

When we look for ways to make life better for a horse it helps improve our own life.

🐴 If a horse is frustrated, we will feel that our life is frustrating.
🐴 If he yearns for free will, we too become unsettled and controlled.
🐴 If he is feeling controlled, we attract disruptive people.  
🐴 If he is contented, we are at peace.

When we become more aware of our being our intuition and confidence grows around the horses.

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Sending you love & light.
Noreen 💗

Work Hard to receive rewards in your Life

You are exploring the cave that is of You.  You are shining a light in the dark places within, unlocking and exposing all that’s preventing your magnificence, your greatness, your power, preventing you from standing strong”

Has our brain been trained to “WORK HARD” to receive rewards in our Life?


Is “WORKING HARD” stopping you from connecting with yourself, with your life and with the Universe?

We need to recognise the moments in our life when life is getting stressful and say to ourselves “I am out of flow”  STOP “RELAX and RESET”

When our body is WORKING HARD it creates crippling stress and tension in our minds and body.  The energy that comes from strenuous labour will shut off your natural flow.

Being super busy or WORKING HARD stops you from connecting with yourself, with your life and with the Universe.  This way of being takes you out of your natural flow.  When you are out of sync with yourself and the Universe you block that natural connection which leads to blocking your abundance and manifestation.

How will you feel when you are out of Natural Flow?

If you are feeling down, low energy, feeling negative or stressed something within you needs attention. We all go through challenging times but be aware when you are feeling like this you can bring yourself back to flow again.

Why is it not so easy?

It is not so easy because us humans we feel we need to control every situation and have it perfect.  Unfortunately we have no control over the outcome, we can only do our best and let it flow.

When we stop the activity,  there is no hiding.   The emotions that you have been unconsciously avoiding may come to the surface.  Avoidance is a protection, it is getting in the way of changing your life.

Relax is about loving yourself and valuing yourself enough to create the time and space for you.  When you stop and go within there is no hiding anymore.IMG_0258

Relax is about taking time out, giving yourself a chance to let your mind, body and spirit re balance.  This will give you clarity, peace of mind and connection.

When you slow down and clear the mind, you get on track and in agreement with your intentions.  In this space you will receive intuition, inner guidance, insight and wisdom about the next step and how to move forward towards your intentions.

Coming from a background of farming, HARD WORK seemed to have been the word driven home to us every day.  Cannot show feelings around this otherwise you are not good enough or there was that fear of rejection.  I had taken this on board all my life and when I started working with the horses they though me how to become aware of my feelings around the word RELAX and letting go of the HARD WORK.IMG_0233

When you are in the field working with the horses, you have to be very focused and aware of your own feelings because guess what? The horse mirrors you.  When you are not being true to yourself they will let you know pretty quickly. By being still and calm with the horses they can help you become emotionally balanced.  The horses will wait for you to work it out, no matter how long it takes.

10 years ago we moved into our New Home in Rathcormac (23rd February 2008).  This has been a journey of sabotage, vulnerability, grief, limitations, joy, peace and love.

Did I think my dream back then would ever come to existence 10 years later?

I was very afraid back then but something inside of me kept the vision very clear in my head.  Today,  I have put the Epona Retreat Centre Sign up for everyone to find me. YAAH!!!!!  Yes, I have finally emotionally let go of the feeling of not being good enough & of being rejected, to a feeling of LOVE and being of service to my community.

It was my Mentor who said to me “Leaping afraid is an Act of Self Love” and every day I have been taking  steps to Self Love.  This has opened up my heart to receive and give more Love.  I have become more intuitive in my Energy work and very aware of my life purpose, this has guided me to move forward towards my intentions.  I am so so grateful to all my mentors for supporting and celebrating with me on my life’s path. So much more to GIVE and RECEIVE.

My question to you is, are you Working too hard and would you like to Stop, Relax & Reset and get more clarity, peace of mind and connection back into your life?

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This workshop is for you if you are ready to open you up to Self Love and explore letting go of emotional patterns from the past that no longer serve you and that have held you back in your life.

Come and reconnect with your true self through horses so that you can begin living an authentic life now!  

Sending you lots of love and light.

Noreen x