About Noreen

Noreen O’Neill Roche is a Transformational Equine Coach & Energy Healer at Epona Retreat Centre, Rathcormac, Co. Cork, Ireland.

She has been working professionally with horses and animals for the last 10 years.

Her passion is to share her knowledge & insight on what she has past experienced working closely with herself and her horses.

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Equine Therapy

At Epona Retreat Centre I help people reconnect to their true self, nature & the horses through equine therapy. 

Find hope and forgiveness within themselves and walk a path of truth and happiness.

REIKI Energy Healing restores the natural balance of the body, providing deep relaxation and bringing a sense of peace and well being back into the body of humans and horses.

Equine Offerings
Animal Reiki Teaching

Equine Therapy Retreats

At Epona Retreat Centre I have designed workshops for Horse lovers, Animal lovers, Nature lovers to interact with the Horses, Spirit Animal Guides and Nature.

These workshops help and support you to have the courage to be vulnerable, courage to be supported, courage to see your greatness, courage to be creative, courage to dream big, courage to listen to your intuition, courage to take the next small step, courage to speak your truth, courage to live fully, courage to laugh without control, courage to make decisions, courage to open your heart to unconditionally love, courage to be without judgment and lastly the Courage to be You.

See below my list of offerings to you and the world.

Courage To Be Me
equine therapy retreats
equine coaching programmes

Elite Academy Programmes

Courage to be Me – 3 Month Coaching Programme offers you to chance to change your life, even though it might seem like a pointless effort, because you doubt anything will change.  Once you become aware that ego-driven story is not the only story, you’re ready to find a better way.  

Courage to be Me – Equine programme offers you both an authentic and powerful opportunity to delve into your heart and soul as you move closer to your true essence.    Together with the horses we will explore how your patterns from your past continue to impact you in the present.

2 Day Retreat – Courage To Be Me

Certified Programmes

I am so excited to be welcoming your call to purpose, learning the Wisdom, Gifts & Language of the Horse.

This programme is specifically designed to support your journey of becoming a facilitator and stepping into the partnership with the horses.

Ruby, Lizzie and Isabel will be active partners in your 6 month Coaching Programme.

Wisdom, Gifts and Languages Of The Horses
certified programmes